Christian Santos Beneduce

About me:

My name is Christian, and I come from Buenos Aires (Argentina-South America), I’m Argentinean – Italian, my profession is electronics engineer, but I’m a passionate vegan athlete, former rugby player, for several years I’ve been fully dedicated to athleticism. I really enjoy participating in ultra trail runs to be in contact with nature, but I also love triathlons and any street competition. I’m also a running  and spinning® trainer.


Several ultra trail runs as for example “EL CRUCE” (famous 100k ultra trail run crossing the Andes mountains), many triathlons as for example IRONMAN® and other sprint ones such as duathlons, MTB bike competitions, and several street competitions like the half marathon of Buenos Aires. During 2019 I’ve participated in more than 30 events throughout the year.

Why I am a 7CRun Ambassador

I always say to people “limits exist in your mind only, so challenge yourself!” It is important to me to spread the message of a healthy life doing sports generating endorphins and dopamine not only to be fit, but also to feel happy and healthy, taking care of the environment and our planet. Passing on this message to help to achieve worldwide charitable projects would be wonderful, spreading this message together we could change the world!