Derya Kilic

About me:

My name is Derya and I am 34 years old and live in the greenest city in Germany, in beautiful Wuppertal. I have been running for about 5 years and for about 2 years I have also been regularly taking part in national and international running events. Especially now, in the current difficult Corona time, running is simply so valuable allowing you to feel free, healthy and strong. Exercising in the fresh air is the perfect for my mental well-being as a balance to the stressful everyday life in the office.


One of my all-time running highlights definitely was my first marathon in 2019, which I ran in Frankfurt and was able to stay well below the “4 hour mark”. The feeling of finally reaching the finishing line after 42.2 km was indescribable and has definitely enriched my life and person so far.
Also, shortly before the worldwide lockdown, I let myself be talked into a very crazy challenge in Orlando, Florida, in January this year, Run-Disney’s so-called Dopey-Challenge, where you had to run 48.2 miles within 4 days. That, too, was exhausting, but a great experience that I would not want to miss.

Why I am a  7CRun-Ambassador:

If we can’t really enjoy the worldwide running events as we did before, then such projects are an ideal alternative for people like me, who like to travel and run at the same time, to run for the world and to make the world a little bit better by doing good things with what we love and by putting our donations exactly where they are needed! And that is what the 7CRun guarantees. Transparent and secure! And that simply convinced me!