Florian Gaede

About me:

I’m Flo and was born in Herford in 1994. After my training as pool operator I moved north to Ratekau, eastern Schleswig-Holstein. Up to 2 years ago I had been playing football, but then running it was that began to fascinate me. In 2019 I began my active running career. It’s so much fun that it has become a fixed part of my everyday life. When running, you become acquainted with many new and above all sympathetic people. In short, that’s why running simply is my PASSION.


The first thing I did in 2019 was to take part in the 48th Hermannslauf at the end of April, a bit prematurely I know. But what shall I say? It was an amazing run. I got to the finish line in 2:38 hrs. The next big highlight was the 2019 Brockenlauf in the Harz Mountains.

Why I am a 7CRun Ambassador:

I think it’s a fantastic idea to combine running with doing good. Everybody can get involved, so lace up your running shoes, go out, run a few kilometers in nature and you have done something for yourselves as well as for nature.