George Christakopoulos

About me:

I am Georgi, born in Greece, but I am Greek/American. I moved to Germany 6 years ago and I started running in Munich 3 1/2 years ago, first with 3 to 5k runs and after one year luckily with my 1st HM distance.


At Christmas 2018 I got an email saying that I got a starting place for the Berlin Marathon 2019. At the beginning I thought, this can’t be true – although I applied, it’s probably spam mail. ‘Unfortunately’, it wasn’t. And then my preparation for my first marathon distance began. 

Why I am a 7CRun-Ambassador:

I love running. Running is fun. Running is healthy. Anyone can run. And you don’t necessarily have to do it as an athlete or professional, but as a hobby runner. For me now there is no life without running. If you had said a few years ago that a marathon would be next, I would have answered very clearly: no way.  But now I have successfully finished the first marathon and my goal is to finish all 6 major marathons. I think the idea of 7CRun is great in the current Corona era. Several of us need a little motivation, a goal, so that the running can start again. I motivate myself when I watch virtual races, I register, the starter pack comes home and then I start running. And especially when it’s for a good cause like the 7CRun project, I would very much like to be a supporter.