Gerd Holz

About me:

My name is Gerd Holz, I am 48 years old and live in Cologne. I have been running for about 7 years, at first only moderately and hardly more than 5 km. But in the last years I have increased everything bit by bit, lost about 30 kg, finished several half marathons and obstacle races, as well as 2 marathons and a triathlon.
Meanwhile I also work part-time as a running coach.


My two marathons, the long distance at Xletix, the half marathons in Venlo, Luxembourg and Cologne and the Ragnar Relay.

Why I am a 7CRun-Ambassador:

Because I think it’s a great idea and I always like to participate in races of this kind. You have fun and do good things on the side. What more can a runner want? It’s also a great opportunity to convey the joy of running and to bring people together…despite Corona.