Jesus Quinores Caro


About me

I am a 46 year old man, I live in Bogotá, Capital of Colombia, I am fortunate to have different places to practice my favorite sport which is Running.

A passion that was born many years ago, but that only until three years ago I decided to take it definitively as a lifestyle, because from the precise moment of the passing of My youngest son Juan Pablo, I thought of living it day by day as one were  the last.  To honor his memory and also to motivate my children, and the rest of my family, friends and anyone who through virtuality has followed my life to give special value to the simple fact of waking up day after day with the opportunity to  see the immensity of creation.


My main goal when practicing running is to prepare myself to get the six star Medal of Abbott, that is to say to run the 6 Greater Marathons of the World.  I already have Tokyo and Chicago for which I am already selected and I’m still preparing daily.  However, I have run many local races, and an international one in the City of Salk Lake, Utah, USA.  My discipline and perseverance are dedicated to strengthening my mind and heart to achieve this goal.

Why I am 7CRun-Ambassabor

Because I consider running a great way to motivate people and strangers to overcome their own limits.  I confirm it because thanks to this I have met wonderful people in my country and also around the world.

I think that running is a great vehicle that can lead us to motivate many people around the world to support through strategies that the 7CRuns carry and add a grain of sand in order to improve the living conditions of those less favored.