John Eil

About me:

Born and grown up in the beautiful city of Cologne I have been living near the oldest city in Germany (Trier) for over 10 years now. In 2006 I found my love for running and since then I have participated in various running events (up to half marathon distance). I myself clearly belong to the category of “pleasure runners”. Therefore, not the chase for times, but the beautiful feeling of running is in the center of attention for me.


The moment when I crossed the finish line at my first half marathon in 2006 in Cologne, my hometown, then during a professional year abroad in 2007 finishing the half marathon in Seoul (South Korea). Last but not least the moments when I finished the Megamarsch Cologne (2017) and Megamarsch Ruhr (2019) after 100 kilometers each.

Why I am a 7CRun Ambassador: 

Doing good for humanity and nature? supporting selected charity projects for forests, oceans and humanitarian aid projects through my running hobby? No question for me, this is exactly my thing. That’s why I love being part of the team and support the 7ContinentRun.