Kevin Warschun

About me:

I am Kevin Warschun from Kassel and I am often in the Alps because I love nature. As to sports, I do Nordic Walking in which I am also active as a trainer. On top of that I’m an avid cyclist. I have been active in the Kassel Marathon for 15 years. The activities there have over the years brought me to sports, which is why I didn’t hesitate to join the Kassel running team right from its foundation.


My highlights as a Nordic walker were the Brockenlauf 2019, 26,2 km in 4:04:36 hrs; then the Kassel half marathon in 2:44:05; the 2019 Lollslauf, 10 km in 1:16:06 hrs; the Harz Gebirgslauf, 25  km in 3:37:24 hrs and a virtual run for a good purpose in 2020, 45 km in 5:27:11 hrs. And I took part in the Kristall-Marathon in 2020, 10 km in 1:08:35. I did all these runs mainly without training, because I enjoy running and running is a matter of the head for me.

Why I am a 7CR Ambassador

I would also like to motivate other people in my social media to run or do Nordic Walking, because these days many people simply need role models who demonstrate that it is worthwhile to do sports and it is fun and healthy. I am currently competing in many virtual competitions. This also in a time of Corona gives me the motivation to keep myself fit and at the same time to do something for a good cause. Hence it’s just great what the 7CRun team is doing and I’m happy to support them as a race ambassador to the world.