Marcel Bräutigam

About me:

Born in Ilmenau, I began running long distances when 21, after I had to stop my competitive biathlon because of a serious illness. I was at once magically drawn to the marathon distance, and I still am. My best time at present is 2:17:05 hrs. Last year I was happy to become German champion over the 50 km distance. The team I race for is the GutsMuths-Rennsteiglaufverein in Thuringia. I plan and organize my training on my own. My half-marathon best time is 65:06 min.


50 km vice world champion 2019 in Brasov / Rumania, and marathon European police champion in 2014.

Why I am a 7CRun Ambassador:

I’m happy to be able to support and further good purposes all over the continents by doing what I love the most: running.