Melat Kejeta

About me:

I was born in Ethiopia and love living in Germany. My debut as German champion was in 2016 at the Alster Run. I’ve joined the Kassel Running Team and are being trained and advised by Winfried Aufenanger. My 10 km best time is 31:41.


At the Berlin Marathon I achieved the sixth place in 2:23:57, being clearly faster than the 2:29:30 Olympic qualification standard. It was the fastest marathon debut of a female German runner. No wonder I’m happy about that.

Why I am a 7CRun Ambassador:

I strongly support the idea of sending a signal to everybody. It is great that running also can take place without competition and at the same time connects people and brings them closer together. Collecting donations for aid projects all around the world to me makes 7CRuns a valuable endeavor which I’m very proud to be part of.