Nadine Braun

About me:

Running simply fell into my lap. When in 2014 after my part-time studies, not knowing what to do with my leisure time I took part in the company competition at the Paderborn Easter Run and did the 5 km distance. Somehow I got committed. Meanwhile I’ve run several marathons and want to do an ultra next year.


Being a pleasure runner I have sometimes finished last. At the Hochstift Cup friends had under deafening cheers to carry me over the finishing line. This definitely gives you the feeling: “The best always comes at the end!”

Why I am a 7CRun Ambassador:

As a globetrotter and runner I like to combine both passions. And in doing so I’m lucky to get to know lots of people. The idea to run all over the world, to get new friends and at the same time to be involved in charitable projects makes 7CRun something very valuable and I full-heartedly can support it.