Nadine Yvonne Bulla

About me:

Nadine from Bielefeld, the city with the finish of the Hermannslauf. The Teutoburg Forest is just perfect for running. As a professional firefighter, running helps me to be fit for the high stresses and strains of the job, and it also helps me to unwind in nature. As a hobby runner I have constantly improved and discovered the long distance for myself.


To definitely finish the Hermannslauf 2019. My first 31,1 km run I ran relaxed, with a lot of joy and in an indescribable atmosphere. Even the last 1,5 hours in a mix of rain and hail did not take away my permanent grin!

Why I am a 7CRun Ambassador:

You don’t need much equipment for running, runners are balanced and greet each other when they meet. Running connects, people run all over the world, you are part of this friendly and helpful community! If you do what you love to do and at the same time do something good with it, what could be better? Together we can support social projects and grow together into a strong community.