Philipp Stamm

About me:

In July 2008 I broke my back when I jumped off a 10 meter board. After three months of rest and physiotherapy my back was strengthened again. Today I am even more grateful than before to be able to continue doing sports every day. The jump was followed by a half-marathon in San Francisco, a Strongman run at the Nürburgring and several Easter runs and park runs before I ran my first marathon in England last year.


One of my highlights is certainly my first half marathon in 2010 in San Francisco. In the early morning hours, preparation, tension and anticipation began for an unforgettable run over the Golden Gate Bridge, cleared for the marathon and offering a view over the Bay Area. No less memorable were my first park run in London in a great running group and my first trail run at the foot of the Table Mountain, South Africa.

Why I am a 7CRun-Ambassador:

The 7CRun was born out of a strong idea in Paderborn, my hometown: to connect people even in difficult times and keep them fit; and all this combined with a good cause. As an ambassador I would like to stand for more tolerance and mutual support in our society. Together we can manage to do something good “continuously”!