Sarah Koch

About me:

Hello, my name is Sarah and I am from Paderborn. I have only been running since the beginning of January 2018, and in my first year of running I mostly ran alone. Only at the end of that year I ran in a small group which became my current running group. In 2019 I ran my first competitions.


My first running highlight was, of course, my active participation in the Paderborn Easter Run, for which I have been running ambassador since March 2019. The Hermannslauf was another special running experience, because I ran my longest distance there and finished under four hours. At the Hochstift-Cup series I reached 3rd place in my AC. Actually I wanted to do my first marathon in Berlin this year. But I will certainly make up for that.

Why I am a 7CRun-Ambassador:

Running is not only an individual sport but also a group experience. Through virtual races and social media, you can continue to meet new people who share your love of running. It’s great that you can constantly do something good with the joy of running. Above all, running is an experience in nature, so I am happy to support the 7Crun project.