Tim Carpenter

About me:

I’m 28, live in Lippstadt (soon to be Delbrück). I’m a soldier, sports activities are part of my life. At the end of December I became father of a wonderful little son, who I hope will one day join me running.


My personal athletic highlight is the half marathon at the Osterlauf 2018. I ran the distance the first time (2:08 hrs). The experience has ‘infected’ me so severely that from then on I’ve taken part in all running events in the region.

Why I am a 7CRun Ambassador:

Because of the corona crisis public running events were generally cancelled which has given virtual racing an enormous push. See the great success of the osterSOLOlauf that in a few days could motivate 10,000 participants to take part.
It’s a great idea to use this enthusiasm for a good purpose. We should generally care more for our environment, our planet and the people that share both with us. Being part of this movement is a dream to feel responsible for our world.