Tom Harder

About me:

At 16, at the end of my school years, I discovered long distance running for me. Again and again I pushed my body and mind to their limits, without losing my delight in running. It wasn’t football as with many of my friends … no, I wanted to take a path that no one around me chose. Running, simply running. Hence at 17 I successfully covered a 70 km distance in one day. Just like that. Perhaps it was ambition that drove me. At the end of 2018 I became a member of the SV Brackwede to improve technique and performance. In this my trainer, Thomas Heidbreder, is a highly valued help.


Hermannslauf (31,1 km): winner of the male main class in 1:57.00 hrs. Frankfurt half marathon: 9th place in 71:22 min.

Why I am a 7CRun Ambassador:

I personally am looking for opportunities to combine my passion for running with sustainability. While at the beginning I was skeptical if I ought to invest my energy in this activity, I quickly became convinced when I learned about the donation activities for man and nature: I wanted to become part of the endeavor. This is no waste of energy, but exactly the thing for which, out of my secure environs, I wanted to apply myself it to.