Utz Meyer-Reim

About me:

Born in Berlin, I now live with my family in Hamburg, in Angeln up north near Flensburg and near Edinburgh (Scotland). My favourite routes are the Outer Alster in Hamburg and the Fife Coastal Path in Scotland. I’ve been running since my youth, back then (in the seventies) the DLV (German Athletics Association) offered a running badge to everybody whose run lasted 15 minutes. For me that was the beginning. Since then running has become my passion. If it is not a race: I find running in nature the most beautiful unification of body, soul and spirit with the elements.


2:57:15 in the Hamburg Marathon 2007 and another 59 marathons worldwide, from Chicago to Shanghai. Marathon running is really the greatest, and so every single one of them was a highlight for me.

Why I am a 7CRun-Ambassador:

In Great Britain, running for a good cause (“charity”) is common practice and I think it would be great if it could also establish itself in Germany. The current difficult times should strengthen social cohesion and joint sport can also serve this purpose.