Vanessa Lok


I embarked on my running journey in 2018 when I decided that it was a good idea to sign myself up to my first half marathon with three months of training. Since then I’ve been fully immersed in the running world and just couldn’t imagine my life without it! Fast forward to today, I’ve been an active participant in a variety of running races (cross country, trail and long-distance races are my favourites!) and am currently training for the London Marathon which hopefully will take place in October, which is one of my bucket list adventures to come true! 


My running journey took me to a whole new world, phyically, mentally and spiritually. It pushed me to challenge myself with races I would never imagine doing, and my favourite highlights include completing a fell race, half ironman, marathon and 5K swimathon. Apart from completing these challenges, I also value the tremendous camaraderie that you’d experience in races, which was the case in my half ironman. Although I will also never forget chucking down granola cereal in a paper cup just 20 minutes before running my first marathon as breakfast, long story but I survived! 

WHY I AM A 7CRun-Ambassador:

There is nothing more I would love to support than a cause that combines running and good humanity together. It’s exciting and humbling to be part of the team who can on one hand motivate others through their joy of running whilst contributing to donation projects in education, nature conservation and humanitarian aid. As an ambassador, I would like to amplify and promote the vision of the global series through running as a universal language to connect even more people from all abilities aross the seven continents, which I truly believe in the meaningful value and positive impact it can bring to the world.