frequently asked Questions

General Information

What does the participation cost?

Registration and participation in our sports series are free of charge! Instead of a starting fee we ask for a voluntary donation to our aid projects, which we present on our homepage. Of course it is up to you if and how much (e.g. lump sum or „mileage money“) you donate.
You can buy the high quality medal, shirts and other articles in our shop The participation in the race does not oblige you to buy or donate – according to the motto: You may, but you mustn‘t!

I would like to become an ambassador.

If you would like to support our sports series as an ambassador, send us an application in which you briefly introduce yourself, your (sporting) highlights and why you would like to become a 7CRun-Ambassador. Add 2-3 nice running pictures of you, which
we can publish on our homepage, and send it to:

In which disciplines can I start?

You can run, walk, hike and handbike. Due to the many requests we received we have now also included cycling and inline skating.
So there should be something for everyone.
Multiple starts, even in different disciplines, are of course possible.

Please use the following hashtags to make us and you still more well known:

#join7crun #7crun


Which organizations do you support?

For our seven races we support various projects that do important work in the fields of humanity, environmental protection and animal welfare on the respective continents. Before the run we will introduce you to these projects on our homepage:

What kind of donations are there?

There is the classic donation: Here you can donate using the donation button on our homepage, you will then be forwarded directly to PayPal. In the information window you can enter the name of the project you want to support (for the Africa run: Go for Ghana, Neven Subotic Foundation or Free to run). If you do not enter a name, the donation will be distributed evenly over all projects. All PayPal donations are transferred daily to our notarized account.

I don’t have a PayPal account. Can I still donate?

You can also donate directly to our notarized account:
Account holder: 7CRun donation account
IBAN:                      DE 81 4726 0121 8915 7396 04
BIC:                        DGPBDE3MXXX
Purpose: Donation (+ project name, if you have chosen a specific project)

Do I get a receipt for the donation?

Unfortunately this is not possible at the moment! We are in the process of establishing a foundation. The donation receipt can therefore possibly be issued later.

How can I be sure that the project I chose will get the donation?

Currently, all donations are paid into a notarized account. The involvement of our notary in the four-eye principle and the special set-up of the account at Volksbank Paderborn-Detmold guarantee the authenticity of the donation account and the complete transfer to and use of the donations by our listed donation projects.

Can I see the current donation status?

On our homepage you will find a donation barometer informing you about the amount of donations received. The information is updated daily towards evening.


I have registered, but do not receive a confirmation email.

After registration you will receive an email with a confirmation link. If you did not receive it, please check first if your email box is full or if the confirmation mail has landed in your spam folder.

Can I register for several disciplines? / Am I already registered?

Of course. You can also register for other disciplines later. When you log in, you will see an overview of the different disciplines. If you are registered, you will find a it in the last column (“Action”). If you want to take part in other events, simply click on “Participate”. You will not receive a separate confirmation email for this.

How can I register / join a team?

When at the beginning you register (or afterwards under your profile), check the box “manage your own teams as team leader”. In the next step you can create your own team and add participants. You can only add participants who have already registered themselves and are therefore available in the database! Please note that you cannot only join a team when invited by the “Teamleader”. Only the teamleader can delete participants. You can find a detailed description of the team administration in the menu item HELP. Each participant can only be in one team per discipline.

Before / during / after the event

Is there a starting number?

Yes, we will provide you with it before the run as a download (A4 landscape format).

How is the time recorded?

You track your results with a tracker of your choice (e.g. runtastic, Garmin, Strava, iPhone, etc.), take a picture of your watch or a screenshot of your results and upload them in the result input. This will be available from 27.06.2020 0:00.

Do I have to enter distance and time or does only one of them suffice?

You have to enter distance and time. Above that you can also enter your altitude and other data.

When, where and how often can I participate?

The first event for Africa takes place from 27.06. – 05.07.2020. You take part on your favorite tracks in one or more disciplines of your choice, as often as you like. Please be sure to follow the current COVID-19 regulations for your region, especially the distance rules.
The results must be entered no later than 3 days after the end of the event in order to compile an overall evaluation. We are looking forward to as many kilometers as possible from you.

Can I enter results several times or only once, e.g. at the end?

You can enter (or delete) any activity every day during the entire entry period, not only at its end.

I mistakenly signed up for the wrong discipline. What can I do?

Before long you will find a delete button behind each discipline.

Will there be a certificate / result list at the end of the event?

At the end of the event there will be a certificate with the evaluation data for printing. There will be different evaluations, among other things you will get our virtual badges depending on the kilometers run. The evaluations will be done by age groups, pace, team and overall ranking. Further combinations are in planning!

How does the team ranking work?

Once you have registered, you will find the item “Help” in the menu. Here you can find a short PDF manual that describes the team administration in detail.

Will there also be a classification over all seven runs?

At the end of the sports series all disciplines will be available in different result evaluations. The HIGHLIGHT is our 7CRuns overall certificate that is available as a download and can be printed out.


Are there any other articles available?

At the moment medal, shirts and books are available in the shop. But in the near future the shop will be expanded with more great and useful articles about running and our other disciplines. Be surprised ☺

What is the donation share?

The donation share of the purchase price of the shirts is at present between 3€ and 4€, depending on the model, and is thus about 10% and more. In addition, we pass on 2€ per medal of the 7CRun AFRIKA run sold as a donation. Thus the donation share is already about 10% and more at the moment. Our goal is clearly defined, namely to gradually increase the share as soon as possible.

When will the Africa Medal be delivered?

We will receive the medal at the beginning of July from our producer and can then start delivery immediately.

Isn’t the Africa Medal too expensive?

We have thought long and hard about our priorities here. For the participants the medal should represent something very special. Therefore we have chosen very high quality features: 9.5 cm wide, 9.7 cm high, weighing about 180 grams, elaborately anodized in gold and silver, with an artistically designed and satin-finished collar in 3 cm width and 90 cm length. Thus the medal is an absolutely unique specimen on the market. In terms of price, we still keep within the price range of medals of comparable size.

When will the other medals be released?

The medals will be presented about 2 weeks before the respective race. As the process chain for the 2nd event has already been established, the EUROPE medal will be delivered immediately.

Can I get my shirt personalized?

Shirts that can be personalized can be found in the shop in a separate section. These can be printed with your name and/or logo for an extra charge (from 9,90 € up).

What are the shipping costs?

The costs for packaging and shipping are 4€ (from 100€ upwards we deliver free of charge).

Do you also deliver abroad?

Yes, we deliver to European countries for 8€, worldwide for 14€.